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What is Mobitalker?

How much is your mobile service provider charging you to make International calls?

Download the Mobitalker app for smartphones to make inexpensive, high quality International calls and you'll never have to use costly airtime minutes again!

Mobitalker is the new mobile smartphone application that provides low cost international calls using VoIP telephony. The Mobitalker app works worldwide, no matter what country you are in. Mobitalker will revolutionize the way you communicate with your friends and family abroad by giving you the ability to make international calls directly from your mobile phone without paying the outrageous prices that your service provider charges. And unlike other mobile VoIP apps, Mobitalker has NO connection fees!

With Mobitalker's innovative technology, calls can be placed using various call types including:

VoIP over WiFi/3G - This option uses the Internet connection on your smart phone to make voice over IP phone calls.
Call-through - This option sends your call by using a local phone number in your country, similar to using a calling card.
Ringback - When Ringback is selected, the Mobitalker platform first calls your mobile number and then the international destination.

Mobitalker conveniently displays the per minute pricing before connecting the call so you can be aware of the charges and choose the option you prefer. Mobitalker also conveniently displays your balance on the phone so you know how much time you have to talk.

The Mobitalker app is compatible with all major SmartPhones including:
• iPhone® - iOS v3.1.3 and above
• Android™ - OS v1.6 and above
• Symbian™ - S60 3rd Edition and above

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