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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for the service?
A: Visit your local Mobitalker reseller

Q: I already have a Net2Phone account, can I use it for Mobitalker?
A: No, you will need a dedicated Mobitalker Account and PIN.

Q: What Androids do you support?
A: Android operating systems version 1.6 and above

Q: What Apple products do you support?
A: iPhones with iOS version 3.1.3 and above

Q: Does Mobitalker work on the iPad?
A: Yes. Mobitalker will work with the VoIP over 3G/WiFi option.

Q: Are software upgrades performed automatically or do I have to perform them manually?
A: You will need to check for Mobitalker updates in the respective market stores and update accordingly.

Q: What countries can I use this service in?
A: Any country! Mobitalker supports different call types so that you can make low cost International calls from anywhere in the world.

Q: What is Call-through?
A: Call-through is a call method where a local access number is called using the Mobitalker app. The call is then connected to your international destination. Your mobile provider charges you only for a regular local call and the airtime minutes. Call-through is not available in all areas.

Q: Why isn't Call-through offered in my country?
A: If we do not have local access numbers for your country, Call-through will not be offered. You can still use VoIP over 3G/WiFi or the Ringback option.

Q: What is a Call-through Region?
A: A Call-through Region is the current region that you are currently closest to. By selecting the proper region, Mobitalker will know which local number to assign you and dial when using the Call-through option.

Q: What is Ringback?
A: Ringback is a call method where Mobitalker will call your mobile phone. When the call is answered, Mobitalker will automatically connect you to your international destination. Your mobile provider charges you for a local inbound call, which may be FREE in many instances. You may also be charged for incoming call charges, if applicable.

Q: How do I disable the Ringback option?
A: Uncheck the Ringback option from Settings.

Q: Can the VoIP call option sometimes have poor voice quality?
A: VoIP call quality is dependent on the internet connection strength on your phone (whether connected to data over mobile carrier's 3G network or connected to WiFi). Some carriers can have poor 3G connectivity which can take a toll on the VoIP call quality and hence we strongly recommend to make VoIP calls when connected to WiFi for good VoIP call quality. If the call quality is still poor, use one of the other available call options.

Q: How do I see my call history?
A: For the iPhone, select "Recent Calls". For all other mobile OS, select "Call Log".

Q: Where do I go to manage the settings?
A: Android: Menu > Settings. Symbian: Options > Settings. iPhone: Settings

Q: Can I change the languages on Mobitalker?
A: Currently only English is supported.

Q: Who do I call when I have a problem with my software?
A: You can email us at support@mobitalker.com 

Q:How do I get a refund?
A: Please contact the reseller where you purchased your Mobitalker Account.

Q: How do I become a Mobitalker Reseller?
A: Becoming a Mobitalker reseller is simple. Fill out the form found  here  and a Mobitalker account manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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